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Wood pulp spun lace nonwoven fabric-D-TEX NONWOVENS

Wood pulp spun lace nonwoven fabric from D-TEX NONWOVENS is made of Canadian imported wood pulp and SINOPEC excellent quality polyester fiber. Adhere to the gold ratio, 55% wood pulp, 45% polyester. Our wood pulp spunlace nonwoven fabric is under 100% physical process, not contain any chemical solvent or binder. 

The special of our wood pulp spunlace nonwoven material is we always using the liquid pulp technology. Liquid pulp mix thoroughly, jet and entangle with fibers. In view of the proprietary liquid pulp technology, our wood pulp spun lace nonwoven fabric is more entangled and not easy to peel off.

We produce the wood pulp spunlace as parallel lapping and cross lapping. To meet the different needs of customers. 

wood pulp spunlace.png

Idea for:

Industrial cleaning wipes

Machine cleaning maintenance

Repair industry

Aerospace cleaning wipes

Electronic industry wipes

General cleaning wipes

Daily surface cleaning wipes

workshop dry wipes

Solvent clean

wood pulp spunlace 1.png

Workable width: 210cm, 260cm, 320cm

Range of basic weight: 38gsm~100gsm

Lapping: Parallel lapping, Cross lapping

Surface: Plain, Mesh(D-1022), High-friction(D-1025), Classical creped(D-1027)

Color: White, Blue, Turquoise, medical green, etc